After 20+ years of leading creative visual effects artists through everything from doughboys, to animated droplets of water, to dancing cheese covered broccoli, you learn that assembling the right team is crucial to the success of a project. For example, the artist who nailed dancing broccoli is not the same artist for the water droplet project.


This is how Someone’s Cousin was born – to pull together the best of the best to pull off the impossible. We are a collective of like-minded artists, visual effects aficionados and rogue explorers who work together to create truly mesmerizing and ground breaking digital effects work.



the team


Chris Johnson – Creative Lead and Owner


Chris Johnson has been working in the animated commercial business for close to 20 years and has worked on some of the biggest brand name accounts in Advertising including M&M’s, Excel, Robin Hood, Raid, Pillsbury Doughboy and Listerine. He’s been around the globe for On Set Supervision and still to this day still fetches coffee or pizza for whoever needs it.




Lorne Kwechansky – Look Dev Technical Lead


Lorne Kwechansky comes from a feature film VFX lead and supervision background. His focus is tackling and pushing the limits on the studio’s most demanding projects and shots. Whether it’s enormous tidal waves, hordes of zombies, insects, full hero creatures, digital stunt doubles, or filling digital hillsides with enough mountains and trees to solve global warming… Lorne always pushes the rendering fold and the processors to their limit.

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