OLG Gift Card

OLG – Gift Card


How do you morph a gift card, into a car, into a tree, into a sailboat and back again? With wrapping paper, a touch of origami and some computer animation slight of hand. We also delivered the print ads that ran in conjunction with this spot.


Agency: The Hive
Producer: Barb Gibson
SVP, CD/CW: Avi Pinchevsky
Creative Director: Simon Creet
Art Director: Allie Keith
Writer: Miguel Potash
Music: Grayson Matthews
On-Line: Red Lab Digital
Studio-Print: Manuel Pedernera
Post: Someone’s Cousin
Creative Lead: Steven Hollman
Animators: Levi Elm
Chris Johnson
Modeling/Texturing: Rowan Simpson
Raden Slipicevic
Dawa Fruitman
Lighting, Rendering, Compositing:
Steven Hollman
Rowan SimpsonOnline: RedLab
Flame Artist: Andy Hunter
Executive Producer: Laurie Kerr
Producer: Linda Johnston

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