Someone's Cousin




Unlike most animation and VFX studios, the first thing you’ll notice upon not entering our studio, is that there is no studio. There’s no address to speak of. No parking to look for. And no lobby to lobby-around in. This ubiquitous, studio-free approach allows us to fix our focus on the only thing that really matters - creating amazing work.

Operating as a collective of Animators, Compositors and VFX Artists, we bring the best and brightest minds together to help animate the unimaginable. We’ve had years of design-driven experience and we possess the perfect mix of expertise and passion to bring even the most blah briefs to life. Plus with no overhead, like fancy sofas or sandwiches, our clients enjoy breakthrough work that doesn’t break through budgets.

Simply put, Someone’s Cousin is always ready to help. We might not be in the room or have a room, but our clients can count on us to move animated mountains for them. And whether it’s a question of: Animation, Design, Illustration, 3D, 2D, VFX, Motion Graphics,  Photoshop, Modelling, Texturing, 3D Studio Max, 3D Print, Old School Print, Animating Supers, Product Rendering, GPU Rendering, Z Brush, Redshift, Nuke, Arnold, After Affects, Short Films, V-Ray, CG Food, Maya, Houdini, Compositing, Particles, Rigging, Rendering, Fluid Sims, Lighting, Character Design, On Set Supervision, Matte Painting, Stop Motion, Environment Design, Broadcast Advertising or the ability to list a lot of abilities, we are the answer.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you.